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Ride KC
RideKC was been named the top public transit agency in North America for midsize agencies, earning the prestigious 2022 American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Outstanding Public Transportation System Achievement Award.  Our team worked on developing the Spanish language segment of the marketing efforts. 
Lead Agency: Highline Partners Kansas City, MO Supporting Agency: Segura Marketing & Media Solutions VO: Jacqueline Camargo

Girl Scouts Partnership
In 2023 Girl Scouts of NE Kansas and NW Missouri shared information about supporting area girls with financial, educational and emotional support to succeed.  Creative included developing audio and video to share with business leaders and encourage them to donate more financially.
 Audio/Video Shoot and Edit: Segura Marketing & Media Solutions
Partner Agency:

Quinceañera Magazine
Quinceañera Magazine, the leading media channel for future quince girls decided to grow their audience in the Texas market. Segura Marketing helped with messaging, photography, videography and social media content development to support the LARGEST expo the event had held to date. 
Audio/Video Shoot and Edit: Segura Marketing & Media Solutions

KC Currents 
The Kansas City woman's soccer team, The KC Currents launched in 2022. Segura Marketing was asked to find the talent to be the voice over for the launch as well as cultural consulting on multicultural creative development. This included cultural consulting and working to develop of the sound for the brand launch.

Audio: Crystal Rivera, Segura Talent Agency

Diocese of Kansas City St. Joseph
Segura Marketing surveyed and worked with the local Diocese of Kansas City-St.Joseph educators and students regarding media preference and usage. This work was focused on understanding bilingual Hispanic students. Based on survey results Segura Marketing created multi-media creative English and Spanish marketing content for all of the diocese schools to utilize to reach English and Spanish speaking parents and students about school information and upcoming events. 

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